I really don’t have much to write today so this will be more of a “stream of conciousness” post. That said I’ll try to keep my thoughts readable.

It’s cold, it’s snowing.

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop biding some time before I head over to my therapist appointment.

My head is a little foggy from taking Benydryl to help me sleep last night.

I still need to retain my divorce attorney.

My wife got charged by hers for asking a question about alternate divorce options. All I can say about that is….lawyers…

I’m taking Thursday and Friday off to spend with the would-be ex-wife and kids to celebrate my daughters birthday in the Wisconsin Dells.

I’m still sore from my daughters “friends” birthday. We went rollerskating, I fell twice. My butt hurts.

There’s so much going on at work. I’m surprised I had time for an affair to begin with. I wonder what the career trajectory would have looked like without the distraction.

There are several concerts coming up that I would like to attend. Namely: Helmet, Sepultura and Ministry

I’m trying to get back on track diet-wise, but it seems that everywhere I turn there’s chocolate.

My wife’s last day at her school job was yesterday. She brought bagels. Good bagels. I’m glad they were well received and I’m sure she’ll be missed a ton.

I’m taking my therapist’s advice and trying to give up resentment for Lent. I think it’s working. The secret is my resentments are all about me and some place where my attitude and thinking are wrong. I have zero control of others, nor should I have except when the role dictates, e.g. parenting, directing my technicians at work, etc.

That is all.