I started a second blog as per my previous post. I’ve decided though that I’m not really blogging to lament the AP. In re-reading, a lot of it was trying to convince myself not to miss her and to remind myself of the craziness that was the affair. However, This blog necessarily needs to be progressive and not dwelling on the past. The truth is, I care about her as a person, just as I care about the ex-wife. I want the best in healing for everyone affected from the affair, even the “dipshit”. Thus, I’m going to keep this blog going. The old posts will continue to remind and the chronological trail left will hopefully show how far I’ve come.

On another note, I got dinner with one of my fellow recoverers last night. It was a late dinner on account of my having golf league (I played like crap). It is always good to connect with “my people”. It brings strength and perspective. I am grateful to have them.

Other tidbits of gratitude:

  • I have colleagues visiting for a workshop this week. One of my former advisors will be coming to my workplace and giving a seminar
  • Pizza provided with said seminar
  • I bought a bed and have a clear plan for getting my “sanctuary” bedroom together. Next step is a mattress (recommendations?). I mean to be off the couch within a week.
  • Excited for upcoming workshop, then off to Chicago for some recovery-esque activities this weekend.
  • Montana camping trip/cousins wedding is a little over a week away. It will be good to be on the road.
  • My dad has been a saint. Helping with yard-work, picked up a new chair and helped me get my new bed to my house.
  • Divorce is still going amicably, despite feeling awkward in setting proper distance/boundaries.