The kids fishing from the dock.
The kids fishing from the dock.

Last week was the first family vacation with just the two kids and I. We camped two days in the Black Hills and then went on to Montana, my home away from home :), for a cousin’s wedding.

I had a lot of fear over the trip. Traveling such a distance with me being the only adult was daunting. It’s a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun too. In the end it ended up being a great time and look forward to repeating in the not too distant future.

Here are a few of the trip highlights:

  • The bikes, on the new bike-rack made it the whole way. We did some trail riding.
  • It was Sturgis “bike week” in the Black Hills so was very busy in and around the National Forest. We fortunately found an out of the way place to camp. (Note: bikes mentioned above were the wrong type to use in any Rally-ing)
  • The kids caught one perch and found a crayfish they named “Cray Shallow”
  • There was no cell/internet service save behind the Super 8 in Hill City. It felt weird, then wonderful.
  • For the wedding we stayed at Chico Hot Springs resort just south of Livingston. They have a hot spring-fed pool and offer horseback riding, Yellowstone river rafting, day spa, fine dining and saloon. Interestingly, the resort is where the ex and I spent our tenth anniversary…four years ago.
  • Also, interestingly. On my cousin’s wedding day I received an email from my attourney stating that that was also the official day of record for my divorce, i.e. I’m now officially divorced. I texted the ex to wish her “Happy divorce day”. She returned the wish and we reaffirmed that we still love and care for each other. I cried.
  • Found out I’m one of three cousins going through a divorce at the moment. I guess my family just sucks at committed relationships.
  • Saw my grandpa, he’s 93, but seems to be doing quite well. He gets himself along in a wheelchair, but is working on getting back walking again.
  • Rafting, golf, swimming, family and camping, oh my!