• All the paperwork is in for the house refi
  • Found a “last resort” option for paying off the ex’s share of the home equity that doesn’t require selling kidneys or my soul.
  • Had to make a tough choice yesterday that I think will be for the best for the healing process for the next while
  • Bedroom is coming together slowly, but surely.
A bed and furniture, oh my!
  • I think a dumpster is in order for the rest of the house though :/
  • I acquired a new (to me) 50″ plasma tv, needs a part but should work fine after.
  • Bank accounts are slowly getting sorted out. It looks like I may have some folding money after the legal debt is paid off

Indeed, new normal is just getting started. Maybe one day something(one) besides a guitar, and a cat (not shown) will get to share the bed with me.