Why am I so tired all the time? It’s like I’m in a funk that never quite leaves. I’d rather it be a funk with a kickin’ bass line and a beat to get me moving. The therapist says I’m going through things properly, but man I wish there was an accelerant for the process.  I need to keep make sure I’m getting my exercise and being better with my diet. Not doing those things seems to drag me lower. I also need to keep some forward momentum, even if it feels like I’m towing one of those trailers used in tractor pull events.

That said, I spent last night working on my personal budget. Money is big on the “big and scary” scale for me right now. There’s a lot of debt I’m picking up from the divorce. I owe the ex- a buyout on the house and I’m just now getting acclimated to paying the bills on my own. At the end of it I was feeling the need to buy a pallet of Ramen noodles to make it through the year. I even got down and prayed that an answer would present itself sooner than later. Fortunately, something came in the shower (pardon the, well you get it…), I realized I was double counting kid support number. Accounting for this blew the budget wide open. While there is still a bit of uncertainty, I am now glad I’m starting to get things organized. There’s still a bit of debt, but it’s now looking manageable.

This is my kid-less weekend. I’m hoping to make more progress, but need to try to take some “me” time too.