Okay, really not too much puke, but I am home with a sick daughter today who is using my whirly-pop as a whirly puke. They should advertise that as a feature on the box. The poor girl is miserable, running a 102 fever. We’ll see the doctor in an hour. I’m hoping for a magical, instant solution, but I’m not going to hold my breath for it either.

This is one of the instances I’m grateful the ex and I are getting along. She’s tag teaming with me and taking the afternoon so I can at least make it in for a meeting. Yes, “new normal” while not ideal is becoming, of all things, normal.

A couple gratitudes:

  1. Amicability with the ex; makes life easier all around.
  2. Whirly-pop, for multiple reasons.
  3. Flexibility with my work schedule.
  4. My sponsor/program buddies.
  5. Completing a step, recharging my healing/recovery.
  6. My new bass (guitar) rig. Starting to chat with a number of area bands, trying to find a fit.
  7. Hugs. Even if from a sick kid.