I think that may be proper Spanish for Live Lake Tahoe!  Please correct me otherwise. Here I am on a plane to Sacramento for a brief weekend escape to Davis, Sacramento and Tahoe. With any luck I’ll be skiing a dump of fresh powder on Saturday. The view of the lake from the top of Heavenly is absolutely stunning. I’ve seen it several times and I hope to see it several times more in my life.

Tomorrow will involve a homecoming to my grad school alma mater. For those of you who don’t know, I have my Ph.D. in Physics. I miss the GS days, but going back would not be the same. My experience is defined through the friends and relationships I establish and that is nearly all gone from good ole NorCal. It is nice to visit the new crop of students in my advisors lab, I believe it’s akin to visiting and meeting new family members. I was hoping to catch some local bands I enjoyed in those days, “The Brody’s” and “Warp 11”. They’re still playing around town, but neither band appears to have any shows for tonight/tomorrow.

On a last note, accompanying me on this trip is my new lady friend. She’s a Platinum medallion member for Delta though so I am momentarily ditched in steerage while she chills in first class. Actually, she did get me a comfort+ seat so I have legroom and free alcohol. A Jack and diet hit the spot. I hope this will be a good weekend. We both seem to not be carrying too many expectations (although I must confess to a box of protection in my toiletries. I’m not sure where this relationship is going, I’m not worried about it. I must admit when time gets to be too long apart old demons tap me on the shoulder more than they should be. Maybe that’s an indication that I’m not ready, or maybe it’s an indication that I’m back in a dynamic world and starting to meet reality. Maybe its an indication that I need to get something out of my system still. Regardless, integrity is paramount at this point. Without that there I have nothing.