I’m repurposing this from another of my blogs (with a little added):

My view for most of the day.

I love to ski. To be more specific I love downhill skiing. I was able to take a short break and go skiing at Heavenly ski area in South Lake Tahoe this last weekend with my new friend.  We flew into Sacramento Thursday night, about the same time a big dump of snow was occurring in the mountains. Friday was a day for visiting old haunts (UC-Davis) and driving up to SLT while stopping at a couple wineries (Grace Patriot and Madroña) for some tasting. Note: the 2012 reds from the Apple Hill vineyards are awesome!

Our hotel was at the base of Heavenly and we weren’t more than 50 yards from the Gondola. The room had a fireplace and was spacious. Upon arriving we looked out the window and watched a band play and people congregate.

We hit the slopes early. It was some of the best groomed (and a little bit of powder) skiing I thin I’ve ever encountered. The whole day was spent on the mountain with only a short lunch break and an afternoon rest before heading back to the Gondola.  I’m surprised I wasn’t more sore, but my calves, quads and abs were certainly letting me know they are there.

We ate breakfast before catching the Gondola. She was rather anxious about skiing in the mountains and it showed. It reminded me of my first times riding chairlifts, etc. and I sympathized. After a couple of easy runs to warm up she was feeling better and we were off to have our way with the mountain. My friend was a competent skier, although very cautious. I’d ski off ahead and wait for her at the forks or any place I felt would be a good spot for a break. It was extremely enjoyable to be out there. Towards the end of the day both of us were very tired. I started catching back edges of my skis as my legs stopped lifting to cut.

We got back to the room and relaxed and got cleaned up while watching Christmas movies and went to dinner. The intent was to dine and then gamble a little, but after dinner and a stroll through Harvey’s Casino we decided a nap was in order before any going out. That nap turned into bedtime. Any frolicking was done the next morning…and didn’t require leaving the room 😉

I hope the winter weather picks up some here in MN. I look forward to getting on the slopes some more this winter!