The weekend was good. The kids started floor hockey. I’ve been coaching them three years now. It’s nice that they’re old enough to just know what to do and I can just give them pointers: who to “be on like glue”, where to position the defense, where to put the excited new kid who I want to see score his first goal.  I made stir fry for me and the gf Saturday night. It was spicy, it was awesome. I attempted rice noodles though and they ended up soaking a little too long so were mushy, but that didn’t take away from the main course. We went to the local casino lovingly referred to as “Mistake Lake” (Mystic Lake) where I magically turned $100 into $35. It’s good to see I haven’t lost my touch.

Sunday, I adulted for much of the late morning (we slept in, I made breakfast) and visited my folks for an early dinner. Evening meeting with my friends and up early to the gym.

Digressing to the title, work is a little agitating. My closest colleague is flipping out on account of the management questioning some of her motivations. My boss is trying to wax PC in it and is just coming off as a schmuck. Private conversations should be held in private offices. Anyway, some good stuff for today:

  • Hit the gym at 6am, ran a 5k on the treadmill and threw some weights around, feels so good to get in there
  • My work stuff is going rather well. I have a lot of stuff to do, but am making progress.
  • Made my first E-Bay sale over the night. Some unopened Star Wars toys my son was gifted a year or two ago but didn’t want. He gets to make the money on these, I’m just happy to pop that proverbial cherry
  • Someone finally wants to buy the guitar I’ve been trying to sell on Craigslist. The patience is paying off.
  • Should be getting home equity loan money today. That will round out big portion of the divorce settlement.
  • Two words for tonight…BLACK SABBATH. They’re playing tonight in Minneapolis and I am going to see them with a friend from softball