coloring1As a part of Christmas I purchased my kids more grown-up like coloring books. I got my daughter a Harry Potter one with a lot of detail. She is a HP nut to the point she sometimes wanders the house spewing her best attempt at a British accent. My son received a book entitled “Coloring for Calm” and is comprised of 100 or so Mandalas that you color as a way to focus.

Recently, I’ve been taking to this book with a set of colored pencils I got out of a clearance bin at the local coffee shop. It’s surprisingly been calming and enjoyable. To the left is Mandala number 1 that I colored. I went into this trying to exploit the primaries (note the center flower is red and yellow on a blue background) and their secondary colors while minimizing adjacent coloring of the same shades.

Over analysis aside it’s been fun and I’ll probably throw these up as I complete them just for kicks.