…as the old programming cliché goes. This is my first post on this new site, this new adventure. I must admit this is not my new wordpress, but the old one became tained in memory and I let too many toxic people from my past view and affect me to a point where a clean break was necessary. I am thinking that I will place some of the old posts here in an archive page.

This blog is largely a place for me to deposit my emotions, my joys and my sorrows as they pertain to me existing in a new normal that I wrought through a divorce nearly a year ago. Things have progressed substantially since then, so there will likely not be the self -deprecation and anger that used to exist. Life is back to being interesting on a number of fronts, not limited to:  my kids, my girlfriend, my ex-wife, my hobbies and interests and the rest of my family and friends.

I intend to keep blog posts short with elaboration on other, adjacent pages that will hopefully give both you and I useful insight into our existence and struggles.  At that, I’ve rambled enough. Cheers!