Is it like or is it love
asking for guidance from above
in a way I enjoy her much, so there’s like
At times I want to wish her “good luck”, and continue my hike

I’ve known love, I still experience it still
In my kids, in my ex, in my will
It’s something you feel deep in your soul
that even in bad times you don’t let go

I’ve known lust, as love it parades
It fills you with endorphins and wanting malaise
It is not love though as it doesn’t often last long
Eventually it betrays and leaves you feeling unstrung

I felt a moment of lust with her, unable to sleep while near
Even harder to sleep while far
But the feeling has dissipated
Being next to her at times feels overrated

I could often take or leave her
There’s a depth of communion that just isn’t there
So do I wait this out to see if love let in
Or do I kiss her cheek and let the search begin again?

I know we’ll both be alright
There’s still plenty of like to enlight
But as a partner I can’t see the future
It must be getting time to let go.