I’ve been on hiatus. Well, hiatus from this blog anyway. Summer was a busy time negotiating kids, work, homelife and a relationship. All of those are still going on, but I’ve been feeling the pull back to doing some writing. My head just fills up these days and I get scatterbrained. I lose track and it’s hard to keep things simple. I’m no saint and I’ve had some struggles, but those have been largely kept to appropriate times and not supplanting any more important things to do.

I may start evolving this thing. More things on how I cope with life along with some of the deeper feelings. I may delve into my misbehavings and some of my other less innocuous writings (I do a lot of actual pen to paper sitting in bars and coffee shops). I’m a data geek, so finances and such may be presented in graph form.  I may tell really bad puns and jokes and even post a meme or two.

Essentially, I want to be done with the lament. It’s time to build some momentum in this thing called life.