I don’t know where I’d be,
without your dark and roasted bean
and let’s not forget the caffeine
You pick me up in the morning
But keep my up and moving
Insides churning, outsides grooving
And I take you with a little cream
Who am I kidding, a lot of cream
And need constant refill it would seem
If there there’s no Coffeemate to be had
Then on to the half-and-half
and with a touch of Splenda you taste splendid
Although I’d drink you straight from the carafe
I used to use a Keurig machine
But I found the portion quite lean
So now on the weekend I make a full pot
Still that doesn’t last as long as I thought
In the evening I switch to decaf
So I can sleep at night
Then awaken again tired and groggy
Until I pour another caffeinated flight