Image is from NY-Times, Renaissance painting “The Vision of Tundale”. Apparently, trippy dreams happened in the Renaissance too.

I have been having some messed up dreams lately. I don’t know if it’s life or my meds or what. The underlying theme seems to be conflict.

  • A fight, a literal physical altercation, with my dad.
  • My (former) affair person trying to go on a date with me while her boy toy is hot on her trail. For some reason he was some kind of specialized thief in the dream. Something called “Keen-ing”. My head is a weird place.
  • Arriving in the middle of a world war battlefield just as enemy tanks are moving over me. Capturing my brigade, etc.
  • Meeting a cute mom and her two cute daughters in a bar. Taking one out on the town and then other stuff that doesn’t need to be brought to detail here, then finding out she’s less than appropriately aged. Side note: Does the Winger song “17” creep anyone else out these days?
  • Winning an opportunity to go play mini-golf with Metallica from some contest and then not being able to get to it.

I’d love to just have a pleasant dream. At this point I’d take a couple nights of no dreams.

I guess there’s a lot going on in my head. There’s definitely a lot going on in life. Lots of kids activities, lots of travel, lots of high paced work. Essentially there’s lots of trying to get all of the pieces to fit and then have a little bit of life left over for me.

There is some gratitude in this. I seem to be sleeping deeply and so I’m more rested to take on the day.