A fact of life is that we all get sick. A parental fact of life is that my kids make it a little bit easier to drag sickness into the house. It’s just something I try to surrender myself to, even when I know who the initial culprits most likely are. In this case it’s my niece and nephew. It’s not like they could help it, they probably got the shit from someone at their preschool program. Then I let my son spend some time with them a few days after they were better and voila! I had to deal with a stomach bug today.

In reality I only got sick once, but it was enough to flare-up some sciatic nerve pain in my back. My skin is still tender and I’m having swings between chills and feeling like I’m on fire, but the throb of my nerves in my low back and down my legs is enough the make me cry out. My back pain is a very on and off thing. I’m good for long spans of time and then I get knocked over for a couple days. Interestingly, it’s the worst when I’m idle and everything has a chance to cool (this may indicate it’s muscular).

All I can do is surrender and do what I can to alleviate the discomfort. Fortunately my appetite is back and I was able to get a little bit of work done today. I hope I sleep this one off.