It is one of the coldest pre-Christmas weekends I’ve encountered. It is -22°F (-30°C) as I write this here in sunny Minnesota (sunny = really cold in the winter here). It was an ideal weekend to be Mr. Mom and do some baking with the kids.

I started with a Norwegian tradition, Krumkake. These are a little tedious as they’re made one at a time. They also take a little engineering to get right. I found 40 seconds was about perfect. Interestingly, I was also in need of a workout. Hence, there’s one thing in the picture that doesn’t belong. As the krumkake cooked, I did some biceps curls, jumping jacks, burpees, shoulder presses, etc. I got a good sweat and some deliciousness.


I then moved on to gingerbread cookies. This was a new one for me, but it was a lot more fun for the kids as they got to help cut out and decorate the cookies (note the featured image). These ended up being really easy to make.


Decorating was fun. I bought plenty of icing for both kids and the result is the featured image of the post. My daughter got a little bit creative with the scrap dough though and embraced a little pop culture. Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, take your pick) everyone.