I’m often tired at the end of the day.

Should I not be?

Am I missing something that when my hard work in attending to my house and attending to my family and attending to everything else from the stories high list of things I should be spry, nimble and ready to carry on as though fresh from bed?

When I do my good turn, I don’t need advice from those who spend the day turning pages of their recreational read about how I can make my good turn better.

It is always ‘guised as needing more time for me. More time for what I enjoy. Perhaps I enjoy my good turn. Perhaps I feel my stress and tiredness worth every drop of salty perspiration and every in the moment grumble under my breath.

At a point I’d rather be told to quit my whining or to see the real motives behind taking time for myself. Just as my body will again belong to the ground. I’d rather myself be selfless for the fact that giving my good turn brings me closer to all and all is to whom I belong. And all belong to the Earth so does all of I. Recycled and reconceived time and again until Earth belongs to the Sun.

So please, when I am tired at the end of the day I don’t need advice, nor do I need to change. I just need to rest and prepare for the next day’s rigor. I’ll repeat the process as best I can When fatigue gets the better of me, maybe I’ll take a day or two, or three, but only enough to get me back up on my feet.

But for now if all you bring is advice on how to do it better. I tell you, spare your breath.