I need to get out of my head
Adversity strikes again
knocking me back and vaporizing my focus
staggering like a punch drunk prize fighter
I wobble and waver, the view can’t be pretty

But I count my breaths and my gratitudes
and my shifting becomes deliberate and my resolve glued
Staring the opponent in the eye
the candy-ass I despise

And I laugh on the inside
Knowing that I’ve still got my feet
Despite the momentary daze
Learned a little about this Adversity’s way

So now it’s time to spar again
serenity and peace
more important than the win
Gloves up, tap and go

And life and People in it ought to know
Don’t take me as one to take a fall
Because I’m aiming for a higher place
Better than any title race

So it doesn’t matter where I rank
I just need to turn the crank
Work hard and do the right thing
Peace of mind and integrity in my corner of the ring