I have to apologize, but I am using talk to text to write this.

Frankly I am tired of negativity. I see it coming out of so many pores of so many people these days. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty to feel glum about. The reality is however that life moment to moment is not so bad.

Indeed, it is a rare day when nothing has gone right in your world. Then why is it so hard for us to see the good amongst the debris? Maybe it’s just the way we choose to live life. I find myself frustrated by schedule, frustrated by traffic, frustrated by a sick kid, frustrated by occasional coworker strife, frustrated by my messy house, frustrated that my car needs a new clutch.

In particular today I am frustrated by my coworker who felt the need to exercise her negativity in a meeting at work and at my expense. It is especially frustrating because I was trying to be helpful and it was met with disdain and sarcasm.

I know the right thing for me to do is 2 leave the remark in the conference room. To have enough compassion to figure that the attitude really likely has nothing to do with me. Still it stings. Still it perpetuates enough that I am sitting in traffic using talk to text to write this blog.

So I am frustrated by negativity. How do I get past it? How do I be the roadblock to more negativity? I think this is something I worked on for a long time. At least since my divorce or separation. Apparently it still requires more work. For me it involves keeping an open mind, keeping a compassionate mind and trying to take my next steps with kindness.

Does this always work? Hell no. It is something to Aspire to though. And when my head is quiet it comes quite naturally. So maybe that ought to be the focus a quiet head and a sound mind. For me the recipe is simple but life as it were does not always facilitate time for meditation or time for prayer or time for mind clearing exercise. Hence I need to be mindful.

As the traffic lightens up here and I head home and then too ballroom dance lessons with my girlfriend I’m sure I will calm.

it is a nice thing that I do get to write about this. and that I even get to talk to text. So I will do what I can and try to let my negativity go and realize that all I can do is take care of me and be of service to others. How people respond is not my concern.