I have been in Salt Lake City this week. The first two days were for a workshop / program review. They went well, although I could really use an extra few weeks added to the schedule on account of equipment outages that are largely out of my control. And I think that’s my struggle. The remainder of my week feels largely out of control despite taking it as a mini-vacation.

I am currently sitting up at a coffee shop in Park City Utah. My girlfriend and I skied at Deer Valley on Thursday and are skiing a half day today at Brighton. The skiing at deer valley was great. My girlfriend is very much a novice skier. She has been taking lessons. Interestingly, her lessons were indoors on a ski treadmill. She’s noticeably better than the last couple of outings, but stayed strictly to easier terrain. Fortunately, most of the runs had multiple ways down of varying difficulty so I was able to indulge in more advanced runs. A day of skiing is really a great workout. It gets the legs burning and the heart pounding (I’m sure the altitude helps with that too), and I am often a sweatball under the parka.

We took Friday to relax and explore. I have to admit, as the post suggests, I’m struggling with the downtime. First, I’m starting to feel quite disconnected, perhaps sidelined, from work, home, etc. There’s a lot going on at home and a lot that needs to be done. It is hard for me to surrender that. In fact, writing about it now has my head spinning and my fingers hitting the keyboard in an aggravated furor. I just want to burst and have a fit over nothing, just to get the pent up-ness out of my system. The ’90s music in here is too loud. The customers are too pretentious and too damn loud as well. I wish I could minimize my brain and perspective at the moment, but it’s just not happening yet. My girlfriend, while she’s great, has a need for over-planning and being over-prepared. I  need her to chill. I really don’t.

I need to find a place of surrender and realize that if I find being in the moment I’ll be back in Minnesota and can proceed to get on with the countless, nameless things that I am stressing about.

To complicate matters, Facebook seems to really know how to post things that tug at my emotions. Particularly when it comes to politics. Our President is effectively a 70 something adolescent who grew up with a platinum spoon in his mouth and has never has to struggle like the people his policies will seem to harm. Indeed, my thoughts are on the dreamers and any of those who are just trying to make their way through the world.

This country really needs to get it’s shit together and help the innocent and provide opportunity for those who want to make the world and themselves better. I am even thinking it’s time to push after complete amnesty for those in the country working and willing to pay taxes and be a part of this great country. If you’re a dreamer, or a river crosser, or braved a border crossing in the back of a people filled truck, or from a “shithole” country and are here working hard to make the best life you can, welcome!

It’s time for people to get over their unfounded fears. It’s time to call out the racism of the president and his base and terminate it. It’s time to fumigate the infestation so that we who are actually trying to improve the world can get back to business.

If you feel like immigrants are getting more than you, you really need to grow up and up your game. Stop sitting in your hovel of decay, fear and hate. Stop whining and get moving.

As for me. I need to get moving again. It’s hard to sit in slumbered vacation and watch the world try to practice restraint. Something in me, in many is ready to burst at the seams. I just hope we can surrender enough to weather the storm and do the best we can, allowing God to take care of the rest.

Indeed, I’m going to ski hard today and sleep hard on the plane tonight.