One of my favorite times is when I have therapy. Since things have settled since my recent breakup, I essentially get to go and talk about life.

So here I sit in the waiting room with a few minutes to spare. This is a peculiar session as I guess I cancelled today’s appointment some weeks ago on account of travel (I’m heading to Las Vegas tomorrow morning). Still, she was able to fit me in. For that, I. Grateful.

There’s some stuff to talk about as I’ve started dating. I met someone for a happy hour last night and it left me feeling a little weird. She essentially abruptly left when her drink was gone. Obviously, not a connection. However, I would be lying if I said that abruptness didn’t sting and leave me feeling some resentment.

I suppose it’s better to let it go though. It was one person in a sea of many. Not to mention, I’ve had a few great dates, too.

The person I’m hitting it off best with is coming over this evening. I’m excited to see her. The trouble with her though is the distance.