It’s hard not to smile when I look at photos from when my kids were young. They’re often wearing bright smiles or are focused on some task of the upmost importance to them at the time.

That said, I’ve also been in a drawing/sketching sort of mood lately so I took a shot at sketching a picture of my son when he was two years old (he’s 13 now).

I’m not a well practiced drawer, as you can probably tell, and this was my second attempt at the drawing. My first attempt I started from the chin and ended up making him look a little more like an alien. Getting the eyes right was the main focus (pardon the pun) of this attempt. It seems everything falls into place when you get the eyes right. I suppose they are the first thing a person notices and all else can be just details.

I’m hoping to do a reproduction of one of my daughter’s photos and may keep working to perfect this one.