Target’s had a rough go here in MN with the George Floyd protest and unfortunate rioting that has them closed. That said, I’ve been tinkering with their affiliate program. I guess there’s a sense of wanting to support the “hometown team” as they’re based in MN.

Most of my siblings and I worked for a Target store in high school and college. My size and strength was a very employable aspect as I could haul and move the 24 packs of pop (sorry, soda) and other heavy items. I was essentially responsible for covering the soda and snacks as well as the hard housewares, e.g. the kitchen appliances and furniture. I however found myself working the electronics counter a while.

I’ll have to drum up some old work stories. Things were a little different back then (my word I sound old). Until then, here’s some summer related deals from the hometown company.

Save 25% on patio styles and more. Valid 05/31 – 06/04.

BOGO 25% off suncare & tanning. Valid 05/31 – 06/06.

Summer kicks starting at $14.99. Valid 05/31 – 08/01.

Summer accessories under $15. Valid 05/31 – 07/04.

Women’s All in Motion activewear on sale starting at $10. Valid 05/31 – 07/04.