As mentioned in my last post, I’ve started using Noom. An app designed to help with weight loss and getting healthy. I’m still definitely in the “Honeymoon” stage, but that’s being bolstered by some promising results. Namely, I’ve had some notable weight loss. I’m now down over 10 pounds from my initial weigh-in; which has me feeling momentarily awesome.

The thing I’m getting most out of using Noom so far is the tracking and accountability. The app allows me to enter my weight, reminds me and has a place to help me log meals and water intake. Noom serves as a pedometer and exercise log. There’s also daily mini-lessons and coaching available. This last part reminds me to take a little time for me and gain some focus.


Right now I’m working on finding, and REMEMBERING, healthy go-to’s for food meals, snacks and cravings. One thing I know is that I prefer convenience. I like the idea of making healthy recipes, but most of the time my focus is elsewhere and I just need something ready for consumption.

During the day, this makes things like hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit and the occasional protein bar work for me for breakfast and snacks. Healthy Choice Power Bowls (with riced cauliflower), or even a salad kit make for good lunches.

I’ve also noticed that most of my evening cravings revolve around salty/crunchy foods, maybe with a little bit of savory worked in. My dinners are still more about portion control. I still indulge in a little bit of pasta and fried goodness; particularly when the kids are with me. However, evening snacking (a big problem area for me) has required some exploration and even some will power to improve. I am amazed how great of a replacement zesty dill pickles are for chips (crisps if you’re English) for creating flavor satisfaction with little to no caloric impact. I also have gotten some popcorn for fixing the crunch/salt cravings, but Noom encourages me to use that sparingly as it has a high number of calories for the weight.


Beyond eating, my focus has been on drinking enough water and getting 10,000 steps in per day. I’m on a six day streak for hitting that goal. I do it with a mix of running and walking. I have to say that it seems as though the Google Fit Pedometer doesn’t count steps very efficiently. It’s definitely more stubborn than my old FitBit. A new tracker/watch may be in order.

My other main form of exercise has actually been playing the drums! It’s a great mix of having to focus and move and a half hour of jamming to Metallica makes for a good sweat! (There’s a little video of my putzing, trying out my new webcam and mixer at the end).

The big thing for me to remember, remember, REMEMBER is that this is a journey. Just as on a road trip I can look and enjoy the scenery once in a while, I need to keep an eye on the road just ahead while Nooming along.