It’s 4 in the morning and I’m wide awake. I wish I was sleeping as by tomorrow evening I’ll be one tired soul. Yesterday was a busy one. I ran a 7K race in the morning got home and helped clean the house, drove across town to first pick up some keys to open a meeting room for today and then to pick up some severely discounted pizzas. The evening was filled with celebrating my daughter’s 7th birthday. This is like the fourth party she’s had: rollerskating with friends, indoor waterslides, party at her aunt’s and now a party here. I guess you only turn seven once though. To cap off the evening I went toe-to-toe with her on a game of Dump (shit) on your neighbor. She ended up winning $9.

Today brings mass and, unfortunately for the kids, I need to crack the whip and get them to do a more thorough cleaning of their rooms. The daughter’s is in particular a fire hazard.