This past week I was out east for a conference. Sorry, as it was a government thing, “conferences” are frowned upon on account of a few procurement morons from a couple years ago. So this was a workshop? Maybe a symposium? Technical interchage? Review? Retreat? Cross-sector high mass? Procurement orgy? Regardless, I was at a thing with some people from industry and the government. It was a good few days away from the chaos. There was plenty of new information, networking and even some inspiration. These kinds of events typically get the creativity flowing for me, but it’s fleeting and I need to write it down or my thoughts are lost as quickly as they come at times. We also learned some good news that we’d be very busy in the upcoming couple of years.

Re-integration into the chaos has been emotionally tricky. The ex- and I had a few exchanges over the instant messenger and I think we both got our craziness amp’d up a little bit. She even accused me of not really being where I said I was. That’s ok, I earned that mistrust, but it’s still frustrating. Upon returning I also attended my daughter’s school music program which meant time in front of both my folks and ex-in-laws. That’s a high point of discomfort for me at the moment and to add the ex- was clearly in “razor wire and brick wall” boundary mode. I wanted to run, but kept focused on what I was really there for; my daughter.

My head is feeling full this morning with a mix of new and exciting ideas and to-dos from my travels mixed with what I’m just going to term as the agony of my situation. Surrendering is coming hard today, at least my “50,000 foot” thinking is on healing even if the immediate thoughts aren’t. Some perspective will click and all will be right with the world again.