I know I’m to blame for my actions. I know the end result sucks for most everyone involved, but sometimes my nearly severed other half just does something that flat out makes me angry.

My dad was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Sunday) he had a pulse of 250ish beats/minute and was acting confused, etc. for a time. He got everyone in a pretty good panic. By the time he got to the hospital he was back to normal. All of his tests for heart attack, stroke, etc. came back negative and he was sent home to have a follow-up appointment this week. We all let out a sigh of relief.

Following events like this, why would someone choose to make the unilateral announcement via social media (SM) that we are getting divorced. I mean the timing and the unilateral aspect, since we have over 60 mutual connections on said SM site, couldn’t have been much worse.

It took a lot of breathing, praying and surrender last night, but I was able to calm and get some sleep. A new favorite expression I picked up is “Bless her, really hard”. The morning brought some perspective and a middle of the night apology text from the would-be ex, so now it’s time to get moving forward.

I’m still a little irked, but I forgive her.