“Missing Me”

I wish I could safely say

you’re the only one missing me today
Unfortunately I can’t do that
with any absoluteness
but I can certainly say
you’re the only one I crave
in the quiet of the night
and the disappearance of twilight
when I’m left alone in thought
and the misery I brought
to you and yours and mine
wishing to reverse time
and do the right thing
then we’d be cuddling
and I’d make love to you
introduce us to something new
build that world together
instead adrift in the nether
with my sorrow and your memory
preventing me from sleep
I sigh aloud and slump to lay down
clenching my jaw to hold back the raw
emotion I feel
pain occasionally unreal
so if you ever wonder who I might be missing
it’s the touch of your soft skin only I’ll be caressing
in my dreams until the proverbial
“time heals all”
and I’m ready to come to call
maybe by that time
you’ll be healed too
perhaps we start anew
but I won’t hold my breath
as my actions took a toll of death
on our relationship
so we must be those ships
that pass in the night
but from the same berth
our time together for what it’s worth
was what I’ll eternally seek
but know I can never repeat
so as you’re missing me just know
I’m missing you most