I know, I’m a slacker, but that’s okay. It’s been quite the month or so. Here’s a quick summary:

  • I moved back to my house, the ex-wife moved to a duplex roughly a mile away.
  • The divorce trudges forward, (hopefully) the final attourney/joint meeting is next week. After that, divorce decree -> refinance house -> pay ton of money to ex in creative ways to buy her out of equity on house -> pay ton of money in not so creative ways for child support -> slowly get life back together
  • Radio silence between me and AP ended, admittedly it was a weak moment for me, but I have lots of support and am sharing with friends, therapist, etc. My main goal of rigorous honesty is making this a good exercise, I also feel like I’m getting some closure that will stick instead of always wondering. She knows I need to walk my own path and that she needs to get walking hers. My perspective is she’s another struggling soul who’s lagging behind in healing on account of the previously mentioned dipshit.
  • I went to Barcelona, sorry for the drunk blog everyone. I saw the sun rise three of the nights, and had an excellent time with my colleagues. I didn’t get into any trouble, just close enough to have some fun. I also attended mass there and came to the realization that while many of my friends are far away:sweden, New York, California, Washington, DC, Washington state, India, etc. they are some of the most excellent friends/colleagues a person could ask for. I am blessed.
  • I have lots of travel coming up in the next couple months: Chicago, Montana, Oregon, possibly Silicon Valley and even mulling a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden to visit one of the besties (is that word still used or is it so 2013?)
  • I’m feeling connected strongly to my higher power. I’m gaining the tennet that “God is big”. Much bigger than man can fathom and nothing like he can conceptualize, still we do the best we can. Through church, through therapy, through friends, through recovery. Truly, as horrible as the shit storm I caused was, there is much to be grateful for.

I feel I could write a novel today, but I remember I prefer short stories and essays to novels and treatises. Also, the attention span of your average blog reader is probably two to three paragraphs (no offense, that’s all I can muster often). So until next time….