Backyard camping done right!
Backyard camping done right!

By Minnesota standards, it was a hot weekend. It was therapeutic to get outside and do some serious damage to the overgrowth that has defined the vegetation around my house. I had the kids this weekend and my son is more than willing to do anything involving a shovel. We got the bushes removed in the front in short order (it helps when they’re mostly dead anyway). Also, my dad was eager to try out his new chain saw so he came over and downed a couple small pines in my back yard that a previous owner had planted way too densely. I have big plans for a patio/porch in the front and some leveling/retaining in the back, but all in good time.

We were able to get the brush cleared in time for the kids and I to try out the new tent in the backyard, complete with bonfire, s’mores and a little guitar music. The bigger tent slept the three of us more comfortably than my little 3-man one. (rule of thumb with tents, take the sleeping capacity and subtract 1.5 people from it, then round down to get the real capacity :P). It was a good night for sleeping outside.

Sunday involved breaking camp. It was my first time missing Mass in a long while, but was in-line with my going for me and not battling the kids to the bitter end to go. I got a new ceiling fan installed in my bedroom and am now ready to start migrating from the couch to a new bed that has yet to be purchased. I have high hopes for my room being a personal sanctuary so am taking my time to get it together right.

I’m edgy to get the divorce done. It’s one of the major milestones for returning to “new normal”. It will allow the house to get refinanced, for the money situation to stabilize and be a relief to not have to be perpetually digging for this bank statement, or that bank statement.

My apologies, I mean for these to be less journal-ish and more “what works” type posts. I guess I feel good getting some stuff done and enjoying the kids. It’s important to maintain some of that momentum; even if it ebbs and flows some.