Funny, as I typed the title my phone chirped at me in the R2-D2 tone I installed. Maybe, I need to load more of my scheduling/due dates, etc. on to that. This figuring out when bills are due etc. is a real pain in the ass. Here are a few other pains I need to surrender to the HP:

  • My teeth hurt from my semi-annual cleaning this morning
  • My arm hurts from the blood draw for the “voluntary” health screening at work this morning
  • On account of paperwork (Quickclaim Deed) I had to postpone closing on my refi to next Tuesday. Fortunately, my attourney is expediting the stuff
  • I get on a plane tomorrow morning to head to Portland/Washington. Still need to figure out the kid situation in conjuction with that
  • I need to pay bills, the questions are which ones and how much.

What a silly list of first world problems. I’m grateful no one I know has cholera, ebola, yellow fever, malaria or has to carry a machine gun or a land mine sniffing dog to go for a walk. This is where us “haves” should be taking action to lift up or at least opportunize the “have nots”. Enough pontificating. time to try to be of service the best I can.