Frankly I’m tired of serious. I feel like I hit a stride with diet and exercise last week, only to be schlepped off to San Diego today for a conference. I feel for the most part at peace and am looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues at this weeks conference.  I have a couple goals:

  • Call my sponsor daily
  • Don’t drink alcohol (this is a dietary thing mostly, I feel so much better after not having a drink for over a week)
  • Do some food/meal planning so as to keep on a healthy track
  • Get at least two workouts in ( I hit the gym this morning before taxi-ing it to the airport)
  • Don’t do anything that compromises the gf and I. I’m still evaluating the relationship, but that doesn’t mean I should go and do destructive things.
  • Play guitar, I brought my beater Squier Strat, anyone want to hear me play?
  • Have fun, but make some connections, work hard/play slightly less hard and relax

Enough rambling… I left -10F in Minnesota, it’s in the 60s in San Diego, lets do this thing!