clash_of_clans_dragonOk, this is a silly to-do list, but I need to get it out here so it’s out of my head. I play Clash of Clans. This largely has to do with having something to interact with my son on, but I also enjoy it. I’ve gotten a little behind in my gameplay so I made a to-do list of things to get done in CoC during this 7-day break I cashed in some gems for.


  • Upgrade my barracks to be able to have/train dragons
  • Install “hidden tesla” defenses
  • Upgrade my “lightning spell”, I attack with a “soften the defenses first” philosophy. This spell works great for that.
  • Install dark elixir drill, storage and barracks
  • Improve village layout

Those are the big ones for now. I should also mention most of my Clan are people related to, and including, the ex. It does have me feeling a little outcast, but it’s for the boy so oh well.