I just got a “Happy Anniversary” memo from WordPress. I was just wondering how long I had been on here after my move from Blogger. It’s been a fast year. My hopes for this year and this blog are to polish up the content and pretty-up the site with some more menus and a less minimalistic vibe. I’d like to venture more into the things that breathe life into me: my kids, my hobbies, my work, etc. Instead of sometimes feeling like I’m writing emotional lament. Shoot I may even try to come up with some swag to sell. Okay, maybe not yet.

I’ve been struggling with some emotional pain lately, some recall of the past, some fear of the future. I know these are just feelings and they will pass.

20160302_200207Besides the pain life has been in constant motion. My kids are busy. I’ve been trying to help them get their softball/baseball skills honed a little before the season starts.  I’m working on the house and starting to get my seedlings started for my garden. Note, squash type plants grow like gangbusters and really don’t need to be started.

I’m getting some quality time with the gf. I enjoy that I can talk openly to her about my past and current struggles. She’s fun to banter and wrestle and snuggle with. She gives me fair warning on her feelings and such which is a good thing. I like her.