…I breathed my first breath and began the path that ultimately carried me to where I am now. It at times feels like such a long time to toil, but at others it’s no time at all. My life, while not always making the best choices, which have been followed by some lousy consequences, has been pretty full. I’ve gotten to travel enough of the world just enough to want to see more of it. Lived away from home (Minnesota) enough to appreciate and prefer living back at home. I’ve loved and been loved. Betrayed enough to know that only leads to dark places and been betrayed enough to know that my trust needs to now be earned. I’ve experienced normal and new normal. I have regrets. I’ve fallen more times than I can count. Fortunately, none have been on my sword and I’ve managed to get back up one more time than I’ve fallen. I have good, no great, friends. Many of whom live abroad so I miss them, but the distance makes the reunion times that much sweeter. I’m only beginning to know myself. Unfortunately that also often requires falling. I’m learning how to keep calm and centered amidst most storms. I have faith. I love my work, yet want to explore being an entrepreneur. I like to work hard, I love to play hard. I like to wrestle and snuggle with my kids. I like to wrestle and snuggle and make out and have sex with my girlfriend. I have a slight kinky streak that likes to give a good spank on occasion, and that’s ok. My back, my knees and occasional headaches are the things that give me physical pain on occasion. I weigh more and have a bigger belly than I want, but I also have all my hair to go with a good dimple and a mischievous grin. I love people, but I love time to myself too. My house has become my sanctuary. It never was when I was married. I want to be of service, but hate getting over-committed. Morning, here in my recliner, writing, drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet is my favorite time. There is much to be grateful for.