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Okay, a lot OCD. Even when it comes to blogging and me.

I like the writing and the stats.
I like the likes and the follows and the chats.

I like playing with the theme and the layout.
I like when WordAds doesn’t shut me out.

Admittedly, I’m taking too much time at my real job playing with my blogs
Reading up and implementing what might attract the mobs.

I need to remember that I’m doing this for fun.
Even when my hit rate goes on a run.

This is supposed to be one part hobby and two parts healing.
And if I’m not careful, it’ll again be people’s approval that drives my feeling.

So I’ll try to settle down
and calmly try to have the coolest blog in town.

And being in Minnesota you know I will
When in February I’m writing feet away from a sub-zero chill.