7:45 am. My kids arrive from their mom’s. She has a morning meeting and I agreed to take the little ones. I was a little resentful as Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings are typically designated girlfriend time. I try to look at it as if I help the ex it will help me when I need flexibility in my schedule. I still spent the night at the gf’s. It was a chill evening where I got to learn how silly the “Magic Mike” films are. I left her place around 6:45 and made it in time to my place to get the garbage to the street. The kids are usually in a good mood when the get to my place on these types of morning. Today was no exception. I was getting dressed when they asked if we could continue the game from the previous week. I said sure. So we spent breakfast nibbling bagels and microwaved oatmeal while I was the banker. Interestingly, as slow as Monopoly can be the hour went fast and I’m ready to broker some deals and put a house or three on Boardwalk/Park Place. It was a good morning.