I’m sitting here in the local Starbucks, having a coffee and an oatmeal. They were sponsored by my girlfriend. She sent me a giftcard a week or two ago to help with proposal writing and to stave off work-induced slumber. It was a slow morning.

I had yet another round of vivid dreams. Less conflict this time, but I did find myself naked in gym class. I was able to find my clothes, but had to go commando. My boss was there, else I was comfortable. Once I got dressed, the class took a field trip that required flying in a newly equipped 747. I recall it having a bar and a fitness club and the pilots consoles were big virtual reality stations. a friend was in the dream and he tried out the console and was very dissatisfied with it.

I’m not huge into dream interpretation, but there were lots of elements that could be tied to real life. My boss’s presence is likely due to me seeing an ad on LinkedIn for a position with my company. I knew the person who currently held that job! This had my mind spinning. Likely the nakedness had to do with feeling vulnerable. I’ll be traveling soon for work so that may explain the plane. The newness is maybe me recommitting to my recovery goals.  Fitness and things like that may be things I sometimes feel I compete with my girlfriend for time or they may represent better options.

I’m glad I had this dream. I see it’s not all fighting with people, the past, etc. I enjoy their vividness and obviously I’m sleeping deeply as I feel rested. AND they give me a little something to write about!

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