It would be wise advice to heed
If someone told you to run from me
For as kind as I can be
I’ve dealt troth pain and agony

My demons sitting nicely on a mantle
There I prefer they stay, do not fondle
But some late nights they call, deceivingly gentle
And the thought begins to burn as a candle

If the perfect storm does come
And resentment renders resolve numb
Or to loneliness I do succumb
Then beware the binges that are to come

To send me down slippery slope
And hit bottom at the end of my rope
Hopefully not dead, but really alone
To claw back up and again rebuild home

So to know me is not for the faint of heart
Surely understand I’ll tear your soul apart
Think you can handle it? Then slowly we can start
But keep to cautious distance would be smart

So very wise advice to heed
Take me for who I am, an interesting breed
But if you find your patience spent
I understand, my dearest friend.