I keep having rather vivid dreams. Although I shouldn’t complain about this one too much as it involved sex and guitars…and the ex getting on my case a little bit. The first part of the dream I was at a music store trying out guitars. I was having a thing for light/nude colored Gibsons. I kept looking and playing a Flying-V and eyeing an Explorer. Both were in the back of the store, hanging from a half-height rack. The guitars were thick, like looking through a stuffed closet. Then it occurred to me that I had just bought a guitar. A teal Ibanez, so gave up on actual shopping and just played.

Played until I saw from behind the guitars my old beater Squire Stratocaster. I somehow had a memory of hocking the guitar for $50 (this felt like I might have had a previous dream where I did that, but likely not). Here on the shelf it was only $5! The backstory was the guitar went to auction after I hocked it, as though it were a used car, and it ended up at this store and was decidedly a POS so they were just trying to unload it.

Well making $45 and getting my first guitar back was a no-brainer. I then went to tell my ex, of all people about it. She was at a family gathering at a waterpark/resort. She was definitely my ex, but she was also definitely pissed off. My kids and their cousins were around. All I remember was her saying something to the effect of, “I know all about Mindy”.

The name probably came from watching, “The Nice Guys” last night with the girlfriend. (that really happened) I’m blowing no punchlines, but there was a “Misty” in the movie. That led me to the sexual part of the dream, occurring as a flashback. “Mindy”, my girlfriend and I were floating a river on an inflatable raft. No clothes, two curvy hardbodies and me. It wasn’t an overly graphic portion of a dream, it was more of a “oh yeah, that did happen” and a big smile on my face. There was some third person visualization of some kissing and holding and closeness.

The memory eventually came back to the waterpark. At this point I was touring the place with my kids and nieces. I remember asking my daughter which slides she wanted to try and then recall swimming in warm California sunshine before waking up. It’s weird to wake up having had a dream progress as long as it did. Although, having flashbacks and such in dreams I’m starting to feel like I need to watch “Inception” again.