Dim light penetrates my eyes

Where am I and how did I get here?

Who am I? Nothing is clear

I hurt. Movements are deliberate and slow.

Appendages cursed to relearn to move and go.

My head pounds. compressed and short of oxygen.

I try to turn and look, but muscle memory fails again

I lay for a moment, trying to remember

remember what? Was there anything before.

Am I the Universe’s big bang. Something from nothing.

My thoughts expand. My hotel room coming into view

the sheets are warm and my mouth is dry.

I need water. I need food. I need ibuprofen. I need caffeine.

What the hell happened last night? Neon light.

Bars and beers daiquiris and the smell of piss in the street.

Narrow little Bourbon street a causeway of debauchery

clubs and strip clubs and girls, girls, girls.

And guys, guys, guys, all with too much sauce

and too much testosterone. All I did was take a walk.

A walk after hell froze over and the Cubs can hibernate for another winter.

A walk after I had lots of wine at a reception.

A walk after I told my girlfriend I was fond of her.

I did nothing wrong, my conscience isn’t paying the price today

that part is nice, but oh there was wine and maybe some beer

and my friends who I see a couple times a year

and not enough water and not enough sleep.

so to a morning meeting I must attend.

Hair a mess and scruff on my face.

Reborn again for another day of this Big Easy place.

and maybe tonight I’ll repeat my mistakes.

I may even make a few more,

right now though I just need some food and a shower

and to be a human again within a half hour.