The election is over. Trump won. It’s a reality check for many. It’s a happy day for some and it’s a tenuous sigh of disenfranchised rebellion for many more. Yes, once again white old men rue the day, but it’s also a political outsider (albeit a billionaire political outsider) setting some of the course. It’s an ego check and a gut check for many. It’s a relief and a release of pent up resentment of feeling left behind. Unfortunately, it’s an “I’m glad that (insert racist slur here) is out of the White House” for several others. But I don’t think it’s as many people as one might expect that ascribe to that last notion.

The real surprise is the overreaction on social media. The left might as well become left-wing guerrilla rebels. You would have sworn someone close had been assassinated or died. Really, the answer lies in the rubble of the Clinton campaign empire. Well intended but Cocky, disillusioned, a little alienating and out of touch. I say that and I’m pretty much a card carrying democrat.

If there is one thing, one proverbial “tough nut to swallow” that I learned from recovery, it’s this: if we are bothered, there is something wrong with us. A week or two from now I believe that many of us will wish we could have a “do over” with our Facebook friends, especially when we realize we survived.

In fact, we’ve survived worse. The older of us have even survived the ASSASSINATION of a President (Kennedy), an abdication of the Presidency (Nixon), an attempted assassination of a President (Reagan) and an impeachment (Clinton) not to mention 9/11 and the subsequent, (potentially falsely premised) wars.

There’s a lot that needs to be done. Healthcare reform needs to be reformed. I think it will be difficult to repeal as so much has been put in place, nor should it, but it needs a concise effort to fix it’s many issues. There are potentially deep racial and cultural divides, healing needs to happen. It’s time for everyone to focus on living one day at a time. Despite most setbacks there is much to be grateful for and so much to do in the service of others.

Be kind to each other. Love will get us ALL through.