It’s hard to juggle all the stuff contained in life. I’m often in a spot where something’s got to give. The decision usually comes down to what’s got to get done and what I have energy for at the end of the day. Throw into it some other distractions (say an OCD affinity for a jigsaw puzzle this weekend) and I can safely say I need to learn how to either not sleep or hire a staff.

I’m starting two new programs at work which will require a fair amount of overtime. I’ve also been on travel for work. My kids obviously require a high priority. They have commitments ranging from piano and gymnastics to Lego robotics and floorball. There’s housework and a basement remodel to do, not to mention a plethora of holiday preparation.

I’d love to have a quiet morning alone to take my time and write some poems, songs, journalings and essays. There’s a lot on my mind, but it’s too constipated to get out in the short order required of me these days.

It may be time to shift priorities a little and create some time.

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