I have to be somewhere. I only have three minutes before I have to go. I wish I had more time, but I’ve been a slacker on this blogging stuff so probably wouldn’t get much done. I’m an indifferent soul in a fuck-the-world state of mind lately. I don’t know that I’d call this unhappiness, or if it’s just my state of being at the moment. There are some bright spots, some satisfying spots. these are when I get to spend time with the kids or get to work on projects, such as my yard. Lately, I couldn’t care less about my girlfriends ongoing struggle picking bathroom tile or needing to schedule a oil change between yoga and dog walking. If only my existence could seem so superficially trite and my unhappiness rooted so deeply in the first world. that’s probably just what I am though: First world unhappy. No one is dying that I know of and I’m surely not starving. The misery for me is, “why are there so many Oreos?”. It comes down to surrender and just being, but just being should come with some manner of feeling alive. “We are no glum lot”, but maybe I am at times. So I’ll keep telling stupid jokes while my insides want to cry or roll over and die and I’ll keep marching forward because I still have hope that it leads someplace more peaceful.

ok, you got 6 minutes out of me. Double the words, double the fun.