You were most unkind, Friday. Today I saw my friends, coworkers laid off from their seats within feet of me. My friend, loyal to the company for 20 years let go as if she were a drop of water shaken from a dog’s fur. She did nothing but work hard and wax positive. Another was older and needed the money. Another was experienced and sought to make things work more efficiently. Another was young and just getting moving with his career.

I’m tired of unkindness being the language of business. Ruthlessness all to make the rich richer. Although they would not phrase it like that. They use terms like “shareholder value” and “strategic reorganization”. Words that hide the cruelty in the thin glaze of  technical business talk. And the worst of them all, “It’s just business”. I hope to let my standard business practice to be running a just business; not letting a bad quarter on my part ruin those who would very well bleed to make it up the next quarter.

Perhaps it’s time for a change, or perhaps Saturday should fucking show up already. Either way I am tired of being a lemming nearing a cliff. Playing on the edge until I’m too old, too expensive or have too much of a spell from winning ideas to be pushed off or carried away by raptors of management or swallowed by the oblivion of the ocean below.

To my friends, Godspeed. I hope the next thing is like being released from a cave and learning that the rest of the working world is better than where you were. You never know what next Friday might bring. This Friday can be forgotten.