The ominousness is dissipating into the weekend past. From Friday’s firings to Sunday’s massacre, my head ringing down from the rocking broadside blast.

A volley of unkindness thrown at the world, tilting us off-axis and invoking precessional whirl.

Eventually things will spin back down and the find our way on jagged, but manageable ground.

With a landscaped that’s changed, people gone and our environment rearranged.

Metaphorical and literal bullets were dodged by nearly all, but heartache remains for those the salvo caused to fall.

Counting my blessings at the moment is hard to do amidst the turmoil of how? what? where? why? when? and who?

But it’s time to press forward, onward and upward. If anything I need to keep going to put food in the cupboard.

To keep the kids fed. To keep a solid roof over their head.

It’s time to remember to shore up where we can. And know that when I let go I’m in the Higher Power’s hand.

And though it might not feel fair or right or just. It’s how we react and now what happens to us.