Thoughts and prayers being called for so many times that they now ring empty and are synonymous with “we’re not even going to try”.

There are too many literal victims of this incarnation of America from incarcerations to layoffs to police brutality and shootings to massacre. There’s too much apathy for others as leadership stands idly by. A leadership of white old men; if you look at that it’s easy to see why they do nothing while the reality falls dumb. Throughout history this is their way of keeping people under their thumb.

There’s the risk of losing healthcare to the risk of losing it all. The fear of hurricanes and climate change. Too many people hooked to the opioid to the gun to the phone. There’s too much anger and divisiveness to go around.  All the while the rich and their stooge politicians leverage suffering to their advantage and offer only “thoughts and prayers”  and treating it as adage

My head is a mess, too many thoughts to get out. Fuck your “thoughts and prayers” as they’re meaningless without movement. An undercurrent brews and eventually will be let out. We organize and plan something beyond the online, organized and sublime. Now’s the time for action!