I’ve decided to do a little blog shuffling. I got a little careless with the sharing to my other social medias and some feelings got hurt. Totally my bad. I just need to remember that this is my own little place. Semi-secret as I do like having some readers and some input, but it’s really not for friends or family. It’s a place where I can get my discombobulations out there and maybe help the world make a little more sense for me.

Despite the goof, it seems WordPress is set up for the blogger who has to move on occasion. So here I am, now at zenjoejoe.com. I’m also looking at this as an opportunity. Not just for keeping this miserable excuse for a blog going, but for giving my e-commerce business a little boost.

I mentioned a while ago that I had started doing some selling on E-Bay. Well that business is steady and growing slowly. Since I had the residual carcass of zenjoe.me, I decided to start crafting it into a direct sales site. Or at a minumum it will be a way to point people to my EBay stuff. I don’t quite have the sales volume to justify the EBay store, but the new site is well within the means.

I need to remember that the selling stuff is just a hobby and to have fun learning and creating the business and the brand. I volume picks up then I can look into getting in line with the Amazons and EBays of the world. Right now, it’s about generating some grass-roots growth.

Fortunately, not all the catchy domains were taken either. Since I’m specializing in drill bits, nailer tips, etc. I registered the new digs as tipsnbits.com. It’s very bare at the moment. The next step is to give it some content and a palatable design.