I’m officially ready for 2019 to be done and gone. Usually I feel a bit nostalgic, but this year I just want to move to 2020. Work put the last nail in the 2019 coffin. My boss is officially a back-talking dick, essentially throwing me under the bus for a production problem we’re having that involves devices ranging from before I was even involved with making them up until now. He should be careful who might be within earshot when covering his ass to his boss.

I think if there’s a theme for next year it should be seeing clearly, i.e. seeing 2020. I’m sure lots of management types have already capitalized on this and actually think they’re being original. For me, I think this catch has more to do with clearing away those extraneous things that hang like branches to mar my view of the world. To decide what’s really important and work to leave behind the rest.

In terms of work, I’m rather over it in my current position. It’s obvious that management is proving itself not captaining the corporate vessel. Instead of waiting for some miracle from above, i.e. the board of directors, I have already applied for a few job openings and have decided to give moving on an actual try. After nearly 11 years and my close colleagues having left the company; one on her own, one layoff. I feel isolated and in need of something else. I think only a commitment to hire an HR consultant and some serious restructuring would enable a feeling change.

I think my first choice, something of a longshot at this point in my career, would be a professorship. There are a couple available in the area and I sent my application to one yesterday. My second choice is another long shot, a position officed at a university, but working for a company that helps clinicians and radiologists develop new MRI techniques and technologies. That would be a liaison role and I’d be expected to publish and submit patent applications based on the technology.

Lastly, but more realistically would be a move to another company. Fortunately, there are a number of companies in the area that vibe with my skills. They are also bigger companies and would likely offer better compensation packages and work-life balance.

Regardless of what happens, I need to maybe start adapting a couple of mantras: Work to live, don’t live to work and give fewer fucks.